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Ecstasy (MDMA) 100 mg and 250mg

Available dosage: 100mg  and 250mg MDMA Original and NOT pressed pills

Shape/Color:  Multi-Shape Multi-Imprint and Multi-color Tablets


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Buy ecstasy online. Ecstasy is a female hormone. It is use by women to help reduce symptoms of menopause (such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness). These symptoms are cause by the body making less estrogen.
                   If you are using this medication to treat symptoms only in and around the vagina. Products apply directly inside the vagina should be considered before medications that are taken by mouth, that is to say  absorb through the skin, or injected. Certain estrogen products may also be use by women after menopause to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis).
                    However, there are other medications such as raloxifene, bisphosphonates and  alendronate. That are also effective in preventing bone loss and may be safer. These medications should be consider for use before estrogen treatment. Certain estrogen products may also be used by men and women to treat cancers.
                     That is to say prostate cancer and  breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.  And by women who are not able to produce enough estrogen (for example, due to hypogonadism, primary ovarian failure).


Ecstasy is used as a recreational drug, among teenagers and young adults, often at all-night dance parties and nightclubs. MDMA’s popularity has grown over the years due to its positive effects within the first hour after taking one dose. Some of those effects include mental stimulation, emotional warmth, a sense of well-being, empathy, and a decrease in anxiety. One of the most recognizable effects of the MDMA experience is the enhanced sensory perception. However, ecstasy is illegal to use in the U.S. and can lead to legal or judicial problems.

Side Effects

Most importantly, Like any drug, ecstasy can produce unexpected and even dangerous side effects. The side effects include the following:


Muscle cramping.


Sweating and chills.

Shaking and tremors.


Blurred vision.

Higher heart rate.

Increase in blood pressure.

Tension in mouth, face, and jaw.

Feeling faint.

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